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A Real Master at the Oven!

There's always a real pizza master at the oven at Pizza Today. It prepares the freshest dough with the highest quality ingredients and cooks it to its full consistency. Every time you order, your pizza is prepared by a real master and presented to you with the same taste.

How Is It So Hot?

On Pizza Today, if your pizza is ready, no other order will be expected. Our motorized couriers take off for you every time you order. Your pizza is still warm when it arrives, thanks to our special punch packs and motor boxes.





Come - Get - Win!

If you don't want to leave the house today, Pizza Today couriers are ready to deliver your pizza warm to you. But if you say, “I'll stop by and get my own pizza on my way home”, you can get your pizza at more advantageous prices with Pizza Today's take-away campaigns with reduced delivery costs.


Every Pizza Tastes Different!


If you agree with the idea that “Although the ingredients are different in pizzas, they always taste the same”, you are not alone. Although there are many reasons for this, the main reason is the predominant taste of the additives used in frozen doughs and sauces. Dough and sauce are daily at Pizza Today. You can really enjoy the ingredients while eating your pizza, since no additives are added in order to use it for a longer period of time.


The story of a pizzeria...

When we made the first dough 24 years ago, there wasn't a pizzeria on every corner like now. We started to love our job very much that day...

Actually, not much has changed in the intervening time. The biggest reason why we love our job is you today, as it was yesterday. For example, Melih, a university student who can't help but stop by us three days a week, the Genç family that announces pizza night every Monday evening, the precious staff of the bank on the corner who spend two meals a week with us, or the little Mira who can't give up our crispy chicken sandwich and grabs her father at every opportunity...

There are also those who want to take their orders to their homes as takeaways, and those who visit our restaurant to take advantage of our take-away offers or to have a nice meal with their family... We are constantly working to develop Pizza Today special products made with the best quality ingredients and the freshest dough to suit everyone's taste. We are doing ge studies.We prepare taste experiments with different recipes to make our dough better. Who knows, maybe you can participate in a taste test during your visit...We manage our material procurement processes with leading, well-known brands in order to prepare our pizzas for you with the highest quality ingredients.

For a pizza to be more deliciousThe freshness of the dough and the pizza sauce used, and the quality of the ingredients used in the pizza are the foremost factors.But the most important thing is to offer all these components at the right cost ratio, at an affordable price. This is where Pizza Today's difference comes in. With years of experience, we carry out our purchasing and cost processes in the most accurate way. We avoid unnecessary advertisements and spend all our efforts to offer you the most delicious pizzas at the most affordable price. For this reason, we try to offer different alternatives and reasonable prices for both our package and gel-buy campaigns.

Apart from our pizzas, we show the same care and sensitivity for our sandwiches, snacks and salads. Salad ingredients that enter our kitchen are purchased daily and reach you in their freshest form. Our special sandwich breads are specially baked for you every time you order. The frying oils of our snacks are constantly monitored and replenished frequently.Thus, every product that comes out of our kitchen is presented to you in the most healthy and delicious way.

An important part of our job is to deliver our products, which are prepared with care and attention in our kitchen, to you hot in package orders. For this reason, our experienced package service personnel,"thermal pizza carrier bag"They use special bags known as If your pizza is ready, it takes off directly without waiting for another order. Thus, our products still maintain their warmth when they arrive at your door.

We would like to thank all our customers who chose us in this long marathon. Today and every day we have the chance to serve you, we continue to work to offer better, more delicious products.

Because we love to make pizza.

Have fun right now.

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